Monday, August 29, 2011

blog assignment 8/30

The blogs that I have viewed are all beneficial to the businesses. Although, they are different forms and serve different purposes they all do one single thing, and that is advertise the companies in one way or another.
  • LinkedIn- I think that this blog allows people to see how this company operates through the eyes of an intern. The activities were described as well a shown in pictures. I think that this blog was an advantage to the company because it shows how friendly the people working there are and how the employees look forward to doing their jobs.
  • Zappos- I think this blogs purpose was to show how other business aspire to one day be like Zappos. This blog shows how Zappos is a surviving business because of their daring and risk taking characteristics. This blog is beneficial to the company because it shows consumers as well as other businesses how they thrive and how other conpanies look up to them.
  • Wholefoodmarket1-This Blog was to show how this business is enviromental friendly and believes in recycling. It gives readers step by step directions to make a garden using recycled things. I think this blog is beneficial to the company because it shows consumers a fun way to be environmental friendly thanks to the blog.
  • Wholefoodsmarket2- This blog does two things, it post the contest that the readers could win as well as advertising the products of one of the stores in the contest. I think that this blog helps the company promote a contest as well as gets publicity for the other company as well. 

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