Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Putting Together A Resume

I'm sure that there are several different ways to put a resume together and everyone has heard that there is always a proper way to do it however, I cant exactly say that I am sure what that way is exactly. I haven't had much experience putting together a resume. I have been told that when putting together a resume that you should be sure that it is no longer a page. I was also told that it should be double spaced and should be  in Times New Roman Font. I was told that you could put hobbies that you have on a resume as well as things that you have done that are not job related such as volunteering with your church because things like this show that you are outgoing. I have also been told that if you have and internship that you could use it under the education sections as well as the work experience section. As I have said I am not very familiar with making resumes so I am not able to distinguish which of these statement are fact and which are fiction. I think in general most people would use the most common format for making a resume and that is the education, experience and objectives  format which would also be the most familiar form for me as well. Today i would first approach a resume by first looking at the resumes that I have made in the the past, and using it as a reference. I would next determine what information is valuable from the first resume and could be useful on the new resume. Next I would look at a temple to get and idea of exactly how the resume should be formated.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Responding to negative messages

When responding to negatsive messages you should first allow yourself time to cool down. Since it is proper to respond within 24 hours so you do not have to respond immediately to the message. You will probably say things to retailiate and express the anger that you are feeling if you respond immediately to a negative message. For example if your coworker was to send you a message about a mistake you made youy may be angry and want to make them just as angry.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Business Letter

The formatting of this letter is correct, is in different paragraphs that doesnt seem overwhielming to the reader. This letter lists different points in the letter using roman numerals. It also included numbers that made the points easier to comprehend and also made them stand out. the typography was was fitting to the letter and the emphasis were on the name similarity by putting them in bold.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

overly formal, corporate-speak

It frustrates me when  business Web sites and correspondence use overly formal, corporate speak because if the website is meant for the customer why speak in terms that the customer can understand. This often leaves the customer confused and still uninformed. I think that many companies still speak this way even though it is uneffective because they feel that it has to sound professional and and educated and maybe they are unaware how to communicate their point in a conversational way and still feel that they sound as such.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Insurance Email

This this an ineffective piece of communication for several reasons, the first of many is that it does not adapt the reader. Many of the words are not used so that everyone may understand them. The second is that familiar words are not used to readily communicate exactly what the emails is entended to get across to the readers. Another is the use of techinal words were often not used appropriately so that everyone might understand. The email did not use concrete words and often avoided the use active words. I feel the entire email lacked clarity and precision.

Monday, August 29, 2011

blog assignment 8/30

The blogs that I have viewed are all beneficial to the businesses. Although, they are different forms and serve different purposes they all do one single thing, and that is advertise the companies in one way or another.
  • LinkedIn- I think that this blog allows people to see how this company operates through the eyes of an intern. The activities were described as well a shown in pictures. I think that this blog was an advantage to the company because it shows how friendly the people working there are and how the employees look forward to doing their jobs.
  • Zappos- I think this blogs purpose was to show how other business aspire to one day be like Zappos. This blog shows how Zappos is a surviving business because of their daring and risk taking characteristics. This blog is beneficial to the company because it shows consumers as well as other businesses how they thrive and how other conpanies look up to them.
  • Wholefoodmarket1-This Blog was to show how this business is enviromental friendly and believes in recycling. It gives readers step by step directions to make a garden using recycled things. I think this blog is beneficial to the company because it shows consumers a fun way to be environmental friendly thanks to the blog.
  • Wholefoodsmarket2- This blog does two things, it post the contest that the readers could win as well as advertising the products of one of the stores in the contest. I think that this blog helps the company promote a contest as well as gets publicity for the other company as well. 

La'Quita Ingram

Welcome to the blog that I, La'Quita Ingram, have created to explain, entertain, and get a good grade. This blog was created for class purposes but who knows where this thing may go. I am a sophmore at Coastal Carolina University as well as a soldier in the Arny Reserves. I enjoy spending time with my family, they are my life. I love to laugh and if you get to know me I ensure you that same characteristic will become more thatn contagoius. I also enjoy listening to music and hope to share a few samples of my favorite song with my followers. I hope that you enjoy your journey into my thoughts via this blog.