Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Putting Together A Resume

I'm sure that there are several different ways to put a resume together and everyone has heard that there is always a proper way to do it however, I cant exactly say that I am sure what that way is exactly. I haven't had much experience putting together a resume. I have been told that when putting together a resume that you should be sure that it is no longer a page. I was also told that it should be double spaced and should be  in Times New Roman Font. I was told that you could put hobbies that you have on a resume as well as things that you have done that are not job related such as volunteering with your church because things like this show that you are outgoing. I have also been told that if you have and internship that you could use it under the education sections as well as the work experience section. As I have said I am not very familiar with making resumes so I am not able to distinguish which of these statement are fact and which are fiction. I think in general most people would use the most common format for making a resume and that is the education, experience and objectives  format which would also be the most familiar form for me as well. Today i would first approach a resume by first looking at the resumes that I have made in the the past, and using it as a reference. I would next determine what information is valuable from the first resume and could be useful on the new resume. Next I would look at a temple to get and idea of exactly how the resume should be formated.

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  1. While writing a resume it is very important to include our Educational background, Accomplishments, Career goals etc.

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